Tropical Mural for Clayton Vallley Health Club, California
Tiger Close-up, Spa Mural
Checkerboard Venitian Plaster for 
Parade of Homes, Columbus, Ohio
Alternate View of Parade of Homes Dining Room
Mural for Private Dining Room at Barnum and Tibbits Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio
Hand Tinted Custom Colored Venitian Plaster, Kitchen, Columbus, Ohio
Custom  Mixed Metallic Paints, Columbus, Ohio
Custom Glazing, Half Bath, Columbus, Ohio
Counting Mural for Baby Nursery, Columbus Ohio
Close-up Mama Duck and Ducklings
Close-up Lambs
Close-up of Bunny
First Chapeter of Gensis in Stairwell, Valley Christian Church, Concord, Calif.
In the Begining Wall, from Gensis Mural
God Created the Heavens & Earth, Gensis Mural
Birsds of the Air from Gensis Mural
Separtion of Darkness and Light, Gensis Mural
Fish of the Sea, Gensis Mural
Eden from Genesis Mural
Fish of the Sea from Genesis Mural
Eden Animals from Genesis Mural
Tromphe l'oeil Window
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Close-up of Wall Stencil, Phoenix Az.